Services :: IT Consulting

InRay Solutions offers a variety of software/hardware solutions and consulting services. The activities itemized below, can be carried out as the first phase of a software project, preceding the programming phase. The main objective, is to provide the customer with a reliable and competent technology advice, that provides an optimal approach to implementation and deployment of the envisioned software system.

Our company provides a wide range of IT-related services:

For most software projects, at least some of these activities are carried out in order to have reliable project budget and timeframe estimations.

InRay Solutions Ltd. is dedicated to assisting organizations and individuals deliver software project success. We achieve this goal by: monitoring software industry standards bodies; distilling best practices into real world, useful, practical techniques and processes; dissemination and promotion of software best practices through our consulting, training, professional software development and various other services.

Our industry experience and technical expertise make your business more effective and profitable.