Intelligent transportation system

Automated transportation solutions

Development of CCD/CMOS DSP cameras

Development the design, hardware and software for Megapixel CCD/CMOS DSP cameras for custom oriented specific applications - industrial, science, medical. LAN and USB interfaces available.

Red Light Traffic Control System

The Red Light Traffic Control System captures the rear license plate of the vehicle running a red light. The system controls the zone after the stop line at the traffic-light's red-light phase and detects and records the violations. Multiple lane enforcement is ensured with single unit. RLTC includes also remote secure access connectivity and user friendly powerful software tool for inspection of the captured red light violations.

Automated Measurement and Coal Quality Control System

Automated Measurement and Control System includes geology modeling and mine planning software for coal mining, incorporating efficient modeling, flexible mine planning and real time monitoring the quantity and quality of the mining process. Implemented in opencast coal mine "Maritza - Iztok".

Wireless vehicle positioning and communication system "Findy"

Findy is a precise and flexible system, based on latest wireless communication and global positioning technologies. The navigation is ensured through unit, designed to operate with the satellite network worldwide. Dual band (900MHz/1800MHz) GSM/GPRS unit is implemented for the full-featured communication - voice calls, data calls and SMS functionality. Findy optimizes the fleet management, simplifies vehicle's supervision and control.

Millennia GSM Payphone

A Cellular payphone operated by prepaid chip card and Personal SIM card in metal housing for outdoor environment with built-in GSM engine, IC-card reader and a 20x4 character LCD display. High security level of anti-fraud protection is ensured by the implemented unique algorithms for card identification and secure.

The payphone communicates with remote management through data channel or by SMS, for reporting daily occurrences such as the number of calls made, call duration, number of fraud attempts etc., and can receive updates as tariff table working parameters and etc.

Vision Logger

Vision Logger is a temperature recorder designed to measure ambient or surface temperature from -40°C to +130°C (-40°F to +266°F), to log a record for every measurement, to visualize and print out the information.

Main features: multiple printing modes; 4 sensors support; alarm indications (print, light, sound); relays control; internal memory /8000 records/; password protection; real time clock.

Thermal Image Processing (IRedImaging)

IRedImaging is a user-friendly interactive tool for analyzing, processing and reporting of IR thermal images used for contactless monitoring and for preventing potential defects and malfunctioning in the industry.

Main features: 16 bit resolution of input files, contrasting in the whole dynamic range, pseudo-colors, smoothing and enhancing filters, isotherms, histogram analysis, temperature differences, tables with specific points and reports.

Video Tape Lease Management (VTLM)

VTLM is a comprehensive Rental and Inventory Control System developed and implemented in "Alexandra Video" Ltd. The client-server software manages renting/selling video cassettes and DVDs as well as selling other articles at video shops. Client part supports cash registers and barcode readers. Hundreds of video shops in the country report to the main servers all their transactions with modem or TCP/IP communication.

Ophthalmologic Assistant Lab (OAL)

An Image processing interactive tool for High Resolution Image Analysis and processing in Ophthalmology, supporting diagnostics and scientific researches in the field of digital photo densitometry and photogrammetry. OAL ensures user-friendly interface, flexible report organization and patients' information achievement.

Thermo Controllers. Building Automation.

Development of integrated controllers for customer designed hardware solutions with application in: air flap control, under floor heating, networks of thermostats, InstaBus integration.

Arabic Language Support

Arabic Language Support for WindowsCE Powered devices enables all the applications running on PocketPC to understand and work properly with Arabic text.


beXplore is a shareware shell extension that enables file manipulation of Casio BE-300's file system from a desktop computer.

CHM Reader

Aroy CHM Reader is a Pocket PC viewer for the most common help format - Microsoft Compiled HTML. It enables you to read documentation or electronic books while away from a desktop computer.

Word Processor

Word Processor for Casio BE-300 is a rich text editor with many formatting capabilities.